July 11 2014

What’s Going On?

The IndyNDA started in December of 1999 with a mission to discuss leading-edge technology. The focus was with .NET and Microsoft technology.

That was great for more than a decade, but now it is 2014 and the world has changed!

Today, the IndyNDA is still Indianapolis’ Developers Association, but it is evolving.

NDA often stands for an agreement you make to not disclose certain information. An NDA discussion often gets down into details nobody wants you to publicly talk about. With the IndyNDA, we want to have frank discussions. We want to learn what others are doing. We want to know and share. We want to really dig and understand the whens, what’s, whys, wherefores, and so on. We want to know what you are doing and we want to share what we are doing.

But not on just .NET. That’s old news. We want to tackle the leading edge topics. We don’t want to see the Indianapolis area lag behind, so we want to discuss the cool, newer, leading-edge things. We want to talk tech. we want to talk code, and we want to do it face to face, not in some webinar or chat.

So how does this happen?

Stay tuned…..

We (Dave and I) are having a few NDA conversations right now! Just don’t tell anyone….yet!

Director of IndyNDA / IndyTechFest

IndyNDA is a technical community user group in the Indianapolis area. Currently communications are happening through the IndyNDA LinkedIn User group.

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