August 21 2014

Offical Meeting Dates and Location

We have nailed down the meeting date, time, and place.

Our intent is to stick with the schedule we used for over a decade. Our meetings will be the second Thursday of every month starting at 6:00. Doors should open at 5:30 for those that want to get there early.

For 2014, Launch Fishers will host our meetings. Launch Fishers is a work-space sharing facility that offers great services to people who need a regular place to work outside of the house. We’ll be using their large room to meet. Launch fishers is located in Fishers.

Our first meeting will be September 11th! You can sign up on our Meet-up page to let us know you’re coming!

We look forward to seeing everyone and having some great discussions!

July 24 2014

A focus beyond .NET

Just to clarify. We are building a developer group. If you are interested in focusing on .NET and just .NET, you won’t find it at our group. We expect to hear words like Java, PHP, Laravel, and Drupal as much (or more) than .NET.

This is going to be a developers’ group, not a .NET group.

This is going to be fun. Apple fanboys, Google fanboys, and even script junkies are all welcome! The bigger the variety of backgrounds, the better the discussions will be!

And discussions are what we want.

July 24 2014


Did I hear someone mention September?  That seems like a great month. I wonder what day would be good for a group like ours to meet….

We have our hammers out and are nailing a few things down! Stay tuned for more details.